Welcome to SmileMelon
Version 4.08 Changes
  • Improved UI and Layout Editor.
  • Fixed crashes on downloading themes.
  • Fixed unapplied new projet width.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 4.07 Changes
  • Improved UI and Layout Editor.
  • Added options to custom list layout.
  • Added more layouts.
  • Added more Icons.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 4.03 Changes
  • Improved UI.
  • Improved the Layout and Element tool.
  • Resizable main toolbar.
  • Added options to layouts.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 4.02 Changes
  • Added layout clone function to right button menu in Layout Control.
  • Added a right button menu to custom list layout.
  • Improved UI.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 4.01 Changes
  • Improved color change dialog for each layout.
  • Improved box and link type layout.
  • Added 4 layouts.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 4.0 Changes
  • Tested manually for HTML 5 related tags, elements and properies.
  • Added HTML 5 header for future.
  • Fixed non-English preview problem on Windows 8.
    ( Changed default enconding type to UTF8. )
  • Improved Element dialog.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
  • (Postponed new layout editor to version 4.5.)
Version 3.9 Changes
  • Support multiple pages in a project.
  • Support a common css file in multiple pages in a project.
  • Modified program interfaces to support multiple pages in a project.
  • Tested for the most recent version of browsers.
    (PC: IE V6-V10, Chrome V1-V22, Safari V3-V6, FireFox V2-V16, Opera V9-V12.
    Mobile: Dolphin V4+, Dolphin HD V8+, Mobile Safari, Default Internet Browser for Android)
    - Nothing changed to support the most recent version of browsers,
    and you do not need to re-generated your website. - As long as the the future versions of browsers keep the website standard spec., there will be also no problem with the future versions of browsers.
  • Support Windows 8.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.84 Changes
  • Tested for the most recent version of browsers.
    (PC: Chrome V1-V19, IE V6-V9, Safari V3-V5, FireFox V2-V12, Opera V9-V11.
    Mobile: Dolphin V4+, Dolphin HD V8+, Mobile Safari, Default Internet Browser for Android
    Please note that the whole shape will be maintained,
    but some texts will be displayed slightly (1-2 pixels) upper in the mobile Android browsewrs
    and slightly (1-2 pixels) lower in the mobile iphone browsewrs by font difference. )
  • Added image layout with stretch support.
  • Improved the folder select dialog.
  • Added automatic name replacing for unusable image name on generating website.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.8 Changes
  • Upgraded layouts.
  • Added remove button to recent list.
  • Added more mini help documents.
  • Upgraded UI options in the layout option.
  • Tested for the most recent version of browsers.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.76 Changes
  • Fixed "An invalid argument was encountered." on some systems.
Version 3.75 Changes
  • Extracted defalt layouts to named "layouts" folder.
  • Improved layout editor.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.73 Changes
  • Added custom image function for corner.
  • Improved UI for layouts.
  • Added more mini button helps.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.7 Changes
  • Added more search icons.
  • Added preview for advanced background color.
  • Added stretch function for custom image to Advert layout.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.68 Changes
  • Added more social icons.
  • Improved icon list and social icon layout.
  • Improved user interfaces.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.65 Changes
  • Added a social icon list layout.
  • Added an icon list layout.
  • Tested for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4.
  • Improved the Layout edit screen.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.6 Changes
  • Improved the Layout edit screen.
  • Append and remove custom spaces in Layout by pressing right button on the space icons.
  • Fixed and updated miscellaneous.
Version 3.51 Changes
  • Fixed crashes in custom color dialog.
Version 3.5 Changes
  • Added more hover types for menu.
    ( Left and Right of 3 and 4 pixel lines for vertical menu and box border for horizontal menu. )
  • Updated help document for newly added Color Control.
  • Added layout rotation for left 90 degress and right 90 degree.
  • Fixed crashes in layout color adjustment.
Version 3.47 Changes
  • Moved Global Color Adjustment from menu to main toolbar.
  • Improved Global Color Adjustment.
  • Fixed and improved Layout Control.
  • Tested and verified for Google Chrome 3.x - 6.
    ( Nothing changed for Google Chrome 3.x - 6 )
Version 3.43 Changes
  • Fixed and improved Layout Control.
  • Improved global color adjustment.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
Version 3.41 Changes
  • Fixed zero issue of bottom space on flexible height when loading.
Version 3.4 Changes
  • Improved UI for Windows 7.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
Version 3.38 Changes
  • Tested for Safari version 5.
    ( Nothing changed for Safari version 5.
    Old website that made by Website Layout Maker over version 2.8 also works fine with no change. )
  • Fixed Website Preview.
  • Fixed resize bug in the Layout.
Version 3.35 Changes
  • Added whole layout horizontal and vertical position flip.
    ( The new function is located right next to peel function in Layout. )
  • Improve color selection for begineer.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
Version 3.33 Changes
  • Fixed folder selection dialog.
Version 3.32 Changes
  • Offically released the lock function.
  • Improved folder selection dialog.
Version 3.3 beta Changes
  • Added 'Lock' function to layout.
    + 'Locked' layout cannot be moved by itself.
    + 'Locked' layout cannot be resized by other layout.
    + Please save often because It's beta version.
      ( A test version of software called beta version. )
    + The resized part is not fully made yet.
    + There will be many unknown bugs for the new 'Lock' function.
    + Please wait a formal version to use with stability.
    + A formal version will be released after fully tested and improved.
      ( 2-4 weeks will be required for testing and improving. )
    + A small instuction for 'Lock' function will be released with a formal version.
Version 3.28 Changes
  • Improved loading time and adjustment for Global Color Adjustment.
  • Added startup option for element dialogs.
  • Improved custom color dialog and HSI color system.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
Version 3.26 Changes
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
Version 3.25 Changes
  • Added add and remove functions to pattern image in background.
  • Custom background image support corner.
    ( "no repeat" type is not support yet. )
  • Preserved size and space when add and remove spaces.
    ( Target screen size, layout names and layout count must same to preserve size and space.
       You can change layout type and options.
       Please check layout name when change its type,
       Rename to previous name or uncheck change name when change type to preserve size and space. )
  • Support "no resize mode" by pressing alt key on layout control.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
From version 1.x to version 3.2 Changes
  • Added free style layout.
  • Supported advanced editor mode on editing the follow layouts.
    ( Body Text Box, Body Text Box II, Body List Box, Big Two Panel, Body Mixed Box )
  • Modified some generated codes for improvement.
  • Added more title and body types to box layout.
  • Improved User Interface.
  • Added more layouts.
  • Improved footer layout.
  • Offcially support Opera 10.
    ( Nothing changed for Opera 10. )
  • Added more symbol types to custom list.
  • Extracted optimizer and color list editor to Power Pack.
  • Modified some layouts for visual improvement.
  • Updated the help document.
  • Fixed the system information issue on Windows 7.
  • Added site icon feature.
    ( You can find the feature in the page of "Website and Whole layouts" in the Element Control. )
  • Added options for box layout.
  • Added and arranged box layouts.
  • Added space action to mouse right buttom menu in Layout Control.
    ( You can easily add or erase space to a layout. )
  • Improved global color adjustment.
  • Added more symbol background styles to custom list.
  • Improved User Interface.
  • Relocated layouts in the Element Control.
  • Added more symbol types to custom list layout and link word layout.
  • Added tab and shift + tab key selection to Layout Control and Element Control.
  • Fixed start-up crash when set no recent doucment policy.
  • Acquired Certificate for Windows Vista and 7.
  • Added options to menu layout.
    ( font underline, additional spaces for sub-menu. )
  • Modified default layouts.
  • Officially support Google Chrome 2.
    ( Nothing changed for Google Chrome 2. )
  • Added global color adjustment.
    ( You can find the function in the page of "Website and Whole layouts" in the Element Control. )
  • Added HSI options to background advanced color.
  • Improved custom color dialog.
  • Fixed crash issue.
  • Fixed remained sub-menu bug when press 'back' button in browser.
  • Upgraded custom color picker.
    ( Press mouse right button on the color box to launch the improved color picker. )
  • Modified some codes for web standard.
  • Added basic mode to generation dialog.
  • Preserve the last layout width and height.
  • Fixed bugs for additional files.
  • Added import and export function for additional files.
  • Added email link type to "comment line" layout.
  • Offically support uniform for Internet Explorer 8.
    ( Nothing changed for Internet Explorer 8, so you do not need to regenerate your website. )
  • Added more options to sub-menu in the menu layout.
    ( width, text-space and Up-Down buttons. )
  • Added an text align option to Big Mixed Box layout.
  • Added a corner type of border.
    ( Added an empty transparent type. )
    ( The empty corner is transparent its higher background. )
  • Added a pop-up menu for preview on generation complete dialog.
  • Improved the generation step of HTML and related files.
    ( Added more options to the generation. )
    ( You can copy additional files to specific folder when the generation. )
    ( Use the option of additional files to include and test the custom CSS and Java-Script file. )
    ( Only delete files in the image folder not whole output folder when the generation. )
  • Modified "Body Text Box II" and "Table" codes to fix a space issue.
  • Added more resolutions and an option to Preview.
  • Added more functions to table layout.
    ( Merge cell and text size, align and color in cell and cell color. )
  • Added a table layout.
  • Fixed a custom color list bug.
  • Added an check option to color list editor.
  • Fixed the javascript header for web standard.
  • Added Color Table Editor.
    ( You can edit the color list in the program. )
  • Fixed the last scroll position in the Preview in the Windows XP.
  • Added Z-Index value to sub-menu for use multiple sub-menus and combo.
  • Fixed ovelap problem with sub-menu and combo in the IE6.
    ( Fixed by IFrame solution. )
  • Added an align option to custom image in the background.
  • Use the default charset when start the product.
  • Added an option dialog for active project.
    ( You can select a language charset and target width in the dialog. )
  • Added the Google Chrome to preview list in the option.
  • Generate the corner more smoothly.
  • Preserve the last scroll position in the Preview when refresh.
  • Added more link types and link images to box layouts.
  • Minimize resizing layouts after append a new layout.
  • Resize to target width when select a theme.
  • Fixed the size issue on the box layout.
  • Added more symbol images to custom list layout.
  • Added line number to source view.
  • Added more options to source view.
  • Added a link word layout.
  • Automatically active the super menu when poped up a sub-menu.
    - supported active hover type is font color and shade background but does not support bold, underline and simple background color.
  • Set the position of sub-menu to right side when select menu type to vertical in menu layout.
  • Added an option for open link as new window to image link, link line, logo and advert layout.
  • Added an option for generated HTML file name.
  • Show information box when check 'Flexible Height'.
  • Fixed for execute multiple programs.
  • Added the repeat function in the Layout Control.
  • Moved the space function to tool section in the Layout Control.
  • Save and restore the font-list when edit the list.
    - The font-list that does not have an edit button reflect new edited list when program restart.
  • Added adjust function for column width in the table in the "big text box II" layout.
  • Modified generated codes for xhtml when select the document type to xhtml.
  • Validated the generated HTML codes.
    - Replaced remained deprecated attributes with CSS style.
    - Validated with HTML 4.01 Strict except Flash Frame layout and Youtube Movie layout.
  • Added more functions to layouts.
  • Tested and provides uniform for Google Chrome web-browser.
  • Added a layout named "Colorful Text".
  • Upgraded the resize feature on Layout Control.
  • Added more advanced background.
  • More accuracy to bottom space in flexible height.
  • Added more functions to layouts.
  • Added more tutorial documents.
  • Added layouts.
  • Added a java-script layout.
  • Modified and improved layouts.
  • Improved the UI.
  • Improved the Layout Control.
  • Added and improved layouts.
  • Added more functions to several layouts.
  • Added and improved layouts.
  • Enabled multi-line in the layout "big list box".
  • Added layouts.
  • Added an advanced color to background.
  • Added layouts.
  • Upgraded Website Preview.
  • Added more hover background and bottom space options to the menu layout.
  • Added border line option to the sub-menu in menu layout.
  • Added and Improved round corner of border.
  • Improved the box layout.
  • Added an optimization tool.
  • Added an optimization option on generaion.
  • Added a layout.
  • Added a help manual.
  • Support multiple restores on Layout Control.
  • Improved some layouts.
  • Improved UI and theme.
  • Added Import and Export Theme.
  • Improved compatibility on Safari 3.x and Opeara 9.x.
  • Improved Layout Control.
  • Improved Import and Export Layout. (include custom images).
  • Improved Type Change on Layout Control.
  • Minimized generate group layouts when Added a layout.
  • Added layouts for Flash and YouTube.
  • Improved the Layout Control.
  • Fixed bugs on Page Preview.
  • Arrange some layouts for compatibility.
  • Removed duplicated image files on generation.
  • Support inner, outer and corner to border of shade-line.
  • Added website options.
  • Improved the Layout Control.
  • Improved compatibility on IE6 and Opera web browser.
  • Added merge and split layout to Layout Control.
  • Added shade line to border.
  • Improved comment line layout.
  • Added formatting options for source viewer.
  • Added import and export function to layout.
  • Added source viewer to preview.
  • Adjustted options.
  • Added more backgrounds.
  • Added auto updates.
  • Modify Themes.
  • Tested for Opera web browser.
  • Improved compatibility on Safari web browser.
  • Added a new layout. (Custom List)
  • Fixed bugs on some layouts.
  • Fixed wrong execution on some systems.
  • Added presets for border-line.
  • Added more pocket help on element control.
  • Added auto save function.
  • Arranged right button menu on layout control.
  • Added an advanced color of background.
  • Added functions to menu layout.
  • Modified layouts.
  • Generated backup before save. (.bak file)
  • Fixed issue on Firefox.
  • Added advanced options for font. (letter-spacing, line-height)
  • Modify some functions on the layouts.
  • Added two layouts. (image link, combo option)
  • Assigned no-resize function to shift key when set a layout.
  • Added themes.
  • Added functions to menu and box element.
  • Enabled user to edit contents about type of box and big text.
  • Enabled user to edit more detail contents about type of menu.
  • Renew backgound option on layout.
  • Added options for the background. (Upper Shading, Noise, Lining).
  • Added an option of table color for "Big Text Type II".
  • Rearranged color table.
  • Enhanced the advert layout.
  • Added Light and Neon type on border.
  • Rearranged color table.
  • Added the right button pop-up menu on layout dialog.
  • Added change type and copy style on pop-up menu.
  • Rearranged options for the layout color.
  • Added "depth" option on mini layout.
  • Added a layout that called "Big Text type II".
  • Added more hover types of background to menu layout.
  • Fixed generated html file when select charset to utf-8.
  • Added size of template image to body mixed layout.
  • Added a compatibility option for beginner.
  • Improved Theme Control.
  • Added upload functions to upload and share themes through the internet.
  • Added download functions to download themes from the internet.
  • Added size functions to Layout Control.
    (You can set same width or height to same level layouts.)
  • (The functions exist the mouse right button menu in Layout Control.)
  • Added a box type to menu layout.
  • Added color adjustment in layout.
  • Added thumbnail generator when saving as a theme.
  • Fixed and improved Layout Control.
  • The top "sitemain" layout also have a background.
  • Added a new folder button to folder select dialog.
  • Added shortcut keys to Layout Control.
  • Fixed and improved HTML Editor.
  • Preserved the lastest working tab in Element Control.