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Website Layout Maker
For Beginner

Use drag and drop to create your new website.

No knowledge of coding necessary.
Website Layout Maker generates all HTML and CSS for you with one push of a button.

Offers multiple options for the look and feel of all elements on your site.
Your choices will make it unique.

Easy and convenient interface.

For Professional

Provides uniformity of appearance across the most common web-browsers.
( IE6+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+ and Chrome 1+ )

The generated code is fully div-tag based.

Can opt for the inclusion of the CSS in the HTML or saved as a separate file.

Layout aspects of all divisions have one button dynamic options.

Offers import and export functions for both layouts and themes.

Common Features

Includes themes for use as the basis for sites.
These themes are also excellent references to learn from.

All themes can be altered as to color, area shapes and positions.
Personal graphics can also be added.

Provides dynamic website previews as you work.

Offers the ability to create powerful backgrounds and cutting-edge borders, or use the
professional themes we've provided just as they are.

Provides the option of altering the majority of layout details, such as font family, color,
size, and weight; spacing between all elements; etc.

Website Layout Maker generated code is completely compliant with the latest HTML and
CSS standards.

We are dedicated to continually adding new features and improving Website Layout Maker.


Version 4.08

Version 4.07

Quick Download
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